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Welcome to Denturamics Dental Laboratory

We are a Progressive Dental Laboratory situated in the North of Scotland offering  the latest  in Technical  Dentistry.


What we offer.

From N.H.S. standard to high end Private cases , we can cater for the needs of the progressive Dental Surgeon. 

Using the very latest innovations in Dental technology has allowed us to maintain our position as the go to place for discerning Surgeons. 


Products available

All Private Dentures cases are finished using Ivobase acrylic for optimum fit , comfort and strength. Aesthetics are enhanced by using gum contouring and staining . 

Crown and Bridgework offers materials as diverse as the old favourite metal bonded crown to the latest Lithium Disilicate or Translucent Zirconia frameworks. 

Implant cases  are available in a wide variety of platforms and using our latest CAD/CAM technology we can offer everything from single unit to full arch bars.

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With a constant drive to learn and enhance knowledge and skills and a refusal to stand still , we offer a wide range of options for the Clinician to provide the patient with the best outcome.

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Prosthetic Solutions





Createch Milled Bars




eMax Layered Crowns


Vertex Thermosens


Crown and Bridgework Options


Zirconia Crowns

Offering superb aesthetic results combined with superior strength , Zirconia is a popular choice. We provide a high translucency framework ideal for layering with Porcelain for those tricky anterior cases and a higher strength Zirconia for  monolithic crowns ideally for the posterior region.

Lithium Disilicate

More commonly referred to as eMax or recently LiSi , this material is exceptional where aesthetics is paramount.  We offer 2 ranges of layered or monolithic as per the Zirconia range.

Don't forget the Metal!

There is still a demand for metal frameworks , whether a single crown or  milled full arch . We offer NHS npm bonded crowns from £45.


Composite has many admirers particularly on the continent and the latest incarnations of this material are rivalling Porcelain as a viable option.

 We currently offer Twinny and Gradia plus for our Composite restorations. 

Meet the Team


Colin Shepherd is the owner and Head Ceramist. Colin attends many courses throughout the UK and Europe gaining extensive knowledge in his field.  In his spare time.... he doesn't have spare time.


Graeme Roy is Prosthetics Manager and first contact with anything denture related.

In his spare time Graeme is Head Coach of youth development with Buckie Thistle FC  and an avid golfer often scaring the local wildlife with his garish trousers.


Conor Shepherd is a 3rd generation Technician and is deputy to Graeme in the Prosthetics Dept. In his spare time Conor can be found hurtling down hills on his mountain bike closely pursued by his Alsation Rex.


Darren Thain is also in the Prosthetics Dept but his Speciality is Splints and all things Vacuum formed. A keen footballer in his spare time , Darren is also a Rangers fanatic.


Colleen Mair is the engine of the Lab, being in charge of the plaster room and keeping us all in check. When not at work she is often found in her garden or out searching bargains with the odd stop for cocktails.

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