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Crown and Bridgework

Digital Scanning


In 2014 we Digitised our C & B Dept.

Our Scanner runs on Exocad and can also accept STL files from Surgery IO scanners.

Lithium Disilicate


Years ago Emax revolutionised Aesthetics and now the options are limitless. We use a variety of differing Lithium Disilicates and choose whichever has the best application for each case.

Creation CC Porcelain on Metal frameworks.


There is still a high demand for Metal Bonded Crowns and Bridges. Using Digital Scanners we design substructures ready for the artistry of the Porcelain application. 

eLAB Shade Calibration


With Denturamics incorporating the eLAB  System , we can now offer a revolutionary technique of Shade Capture and communication between Surgeon and Ceramist for accurate shade reproduction.



Zirconia is now available in differing strengths and translucencies offering a wider scope of options. From the high strength stain and glaze technique suitable for the posterior region to the ultra aesthetic layered framework for those tricky anterior restorations.



We offer a variety of restorations in Composite and using Twinny and Gradia Plus  allows us to create stunning restorations that are on a par with the best Porcelain but with the added benefit of allowing the Surgeon to add or ease in the Oral environment.