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Prosthetics Options

Vertex Thermosens


For those partial denture cases that require a degree of flex, Vertex is the ideal choice offering a clinically unbreakable option. Unlike other "flexible dentures"Vertex is more rigid with a small degree of flex and can be maintained like an acrylic denture.This material is biocompatible and non absorbable meaning that it will not discolour over time and is ideal as an allergy free option.

Solvay Altaire


A new breakthrough in Polymers providing a strong lightweight alternative to conventional Chrome partials. This material is milled therefore the fit is superior to Chrome and the bone colour means it is less visible orally.

Finish in Ivobase High Impact Acrylic.


All our Private cases are finished in Ivobase Acrylic. This pressurised injectable Hi Impact acrylic provides  superior fit and strength, offering better comfort and acceptance by the Patient.

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From simple NHS dentures to highly realistic Implant retained hybrid dentures , we pride ourselves on providing the best outcome that we can.  Dentures can have a major impact on a patients health and self confidence  and we at Denturamics are keenly aware of this . Even though we cater for NHS clients, we still treat each case with care and precision as if it was for a family member.